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Radio, live transmission – this is the show where we take a hot release in the music world and break down its DNA, exploring its inspirations, subgenres, and historical context. In the internet age of algorithmic playlists, ‘Transmission’ is the refreshingly human breakdown of new music that you need in your life, every second Sunday […]

The Rainbow’s Edge

The rainbow’s edge is where you find the treasure, and on this show you’ll find some musical treasures! Every other Saturday, from 7pm-8:30pm, I’ll be playing classic tunes from musical greats, from Stevie Wonder to Stevie Nicks, to make sure your weekend starts the right way!

Join host Maisie on Mind if I Expoze? to hear all the best new releases of underground and up & coming artists Thursdays at 11 AM on UOM’s Fuse FM. Expect a mix of genres, guest interviews & some incredible music. Check out the instagram @mindifiexpoze for track recommendations and to keep up with the […]

Written & Interviewed by Ella Marsden // Last week I was lucky enough to have a zoom interview with the brilliant Covasettes, just ahead of the release of their new single, Be Mine. The awesome foursome is definitely destined for great things and you should be adding them to your favourite playlists immediately. Interviewing from […]

Written & Interviewed by Maisie Woodford //  Last month, I was able to have a little interview with the incredibly talented Bristol-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/overall lovely human being, James Humphrys to have a chat about ‘Colour’, the first single of his upcoming EP, ‘Memory Palace’. Interviewing live from his parent’s home via zoom, James discusses his life […]

Future Pop

Future Pop is the ideal show for those who want to familiarise themselves with more experimental and leftfield aspects of Pop music. This show will navigate its way through the history of Future Pop from its origins in the 1960s up to the present day, focusing on key artists, labels and sounds. This show intends to dispute […]


Esme and Fran curate weekly shows, each going into a mood or genre, dedicated to the idea of a festival. Whether it’s a “festival for my 14 year old self” or a “festival my dad would take me to,” they will bring you new recommendations and old memories every week. If you miss the world […]

HI SIENNA are one of the most vivacious up & coming bands in the Manchester music scene right now. Despite having only been together since 2019, the group’s sound has been perfected. Every one of their singles delivers brightness, vibrancy and an overwhelming injection of fun. Their latest release, ‘Car’ is no exception. Fuse FM […]