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Radio, live transmission – this is the show where we take a hot release in the music world and break down its DNA, exploring its inspirations, subgenres, and historical context. In the internet age of algorithmic playlists, ‘Transmission’ is the refreshingly human breakdown of new music that you need in your life, every second Saturday […]

Naptime w/ Drowzee

Chow Down’s drowzee playing rap, dancehall and up-tempo music from around the world. Expect to hear the iciest drill juxtaposed with the sunniest afrobeats, aggressive French trap into romantic Columbian reggaeton, club ready percussion workouts and misguided attempts to blend Brazilian funk with UK Garage. Guaranteed to get you dancing to the point of exhaustion, […]

The Sequencer Slot

An Electronic Music Show exploring a different genre each week, talking about the history of the genre, playing some sick tracks and getting some amazing mixes and interviews from local DJs! send in your track suggestions and mixes to @thesequencerslot on Instagram

Future Pop

Future Pop is the ideal show for those who want to familiarise themselves with more experimental and leftfield aspects of Pop music. This show will navigate its way through the¬†history of Future Pop from its origins in the 1960s up to the present day, focusing on key artists, labels and sounds. This show¬†intends to dispute […]

Machine Heads

Machine Heads is a show dedicated to rock music and the guitarists that helped shape it. I’ll be playing the best of rock music of all years, interviewing local bands, and discussing guitar techniques, giving advice and answering questions.

Brussels-raised, Manchester-based Trees.R.Good is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ spreading her extended European root networks through bass-driven, groove-infiltrating sounds. Her first fortnightly radio show ‘Improv Lab’ explores the process of creativity and improvisation – letting go musically, to find your sense of self. Every broadcast will present a new guest artist pioneering different milestone genres […]

The Rainbow’s Edge

The rainbow’s edge is where you find the treasure, and on this show you’ll find some musical treasures! Every other Saturday, from 7pm-8:30pm, I’ll be playing classic tunes from musical greats, from Stevie Wonder to Stevie Nicks, to make sure your weekend starts the right way!

Just on Shuffle

Join us every Saturday from 1pm as we shuffle between tunes and tangents, with a different theme each week. Expect a wide range of music and a guarantee of at least one (1) joke per show. Tune in to temporarily forget that you are just a consciousness tethered to this mortal coil by your flesh […]