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Students win 30% rent reduction from University of Manchester

//Breaking: Students win 30% rent reduction from University of Manchester More

Hi, we are Maisie and Fran, and you can join us at 1-2:30 every Tuesday to hear us chat about womxn in music. From musicians to producers and journalists, we want to shine a spotlight on pioneering womxn in the music industry, both new and old.

The Deepest Pool

… join evan every monday morning for an array of sub-aqueous sonic arrangements … spanning the spectrum from classic cuts to contemporary outré offerings … incorporating ambient, new age and other assorted somnambulant songs … enjoy …

HI SIENNA are one of the most vivacious up & coming bands in the Manchester music scene right now. Despite having only been together since 2019, the group’s sound has been perfected. Every one of their singles delivers brightness, vibrancy and an overwhelming injection of fun. Their latest release, ‘Car’ is no exception. Fuse FM […]

Written & Interview by Tilda Gratton // The Red Stains have been kicking up a storm on Manchester’s DIY scene, beyond toilet graffiti with their raw, primal take on post-punk, glam, new wave and Riot grrrl. Their feisty and gritty contemporary post-punk consists of Natalie Emslie on vocals, Sterling Kelly on bass, Ella Powell on […]

Written & Interviewed by Jake Searle // This week I spoke with Blanks, a music artist, producer and YouTuber. He’s seen a lot of success in recent years with his unique content – producing songs designed by fans through Instagram live, as well as other high-quality youtube content related to his music. An upbeat and […]


Esme and Fran curate weekly shows, each going into a mood or genre, dedicated to the idea of a festival. Whether it’s a “festival for my 14 year old self” or a “festival my dad would take me to,” they will bring you new recommendations and old memories every week. If you miss the world […]

Written & Interviewed by Ella Marsden // Last week I was lucky enough to have a zoom interview with the brilliant Covasettes, just ahead of the release of their new single, Be Mine. The awesome foursome is definitely destined for great things and you should be adding them to your favourite playlists immediately. Interviewing from […]

Written & Interviewed by Maisie Woodford //  Last month, I was able to have a little interview with the incredibly talented Bristol-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/overall lovely human being, James Humphrys to have a chat about ‘Colour’, the first single of his upcoming EP, ‘Memory Palace’. Interviewing live from his parent’s home via zoom, James discusses his life […]

Written by Oscar Cloud // We all know how vibrant Manchester’s music scene is, but besides the big touring groups, there is also a secret wealth of undiscovered new acts emerging from the student culture. Here are five groups you should check out and be sure to go see live next year. 1. Yang Sweeps This […]