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UoM suspend all face-to-face teaching and close libraries today

//Breaking: UoM suspend all face-to-face teaching and close libraries today More

The Magic Bus

Your Magic Bus FM presenters are Felix Wood, Tom Dabell, Johnny Wordsworth and Will Cookson. When you hop on the magic bus you can expect to listen to a wide variety of music, from rock to liquid D&B as well as us talking to special guests about topical issues. We also like play a few […]

Atta Gal!

Atta gal! is a talk and music show that focuses on positive news stories about womxn and non-binary individuals. We scour the local and worldwide news to bring you the latest feel-good stories amongst all the doom and gloom (groovy tunes also provided).  


Elementary themes each show around a particular chemical element.  Presenters Fergus, Carys and Joe explain the science behind the element, play related tracks and discuss topical issues, covering everything from climate change to medicine to nuclear weapons! Think science and fun repel like particles with the same electric charge? Think again! https://www.mixcloud.com/ElementaryFuse/ 


Arcadia, hosted by George, is all about promoting artful, forward thinking or exciting music both old and new, and having a laidback, informal conversation around what makes it so great. It hopes to be a guiding hand into music that listeners may well have never considered or been aware of before. https://www.mixcloud.com/arcadiaradioandpodcast/

ABC politics

ABC Politics is a chat show that focuses on different pressing political topics each week, starting from A and making our way through the alphabet. Join us as we take an alternative view to most mainstream media outlets, to discuss current affairs with different guests every week!  

Girls on Film

Pretty much what it says on the tin, each week we talk about the female characters from a different film or TV show. We cover everything from the pros/cons of their representation to whether we’d go to the pub with them. All with some great songs from the soundtrack along the way!

Ciara Ewing is your show host, with co host Claudia Langley! Faulty Hour is a breakfast radio show you don’t want to miss! Fun sketches and phone call challenges, as well as guests and updates on pop culture and news. We’ll keep you all up to date on the latest music hits, and upcoming gigs […]

New Noise

New Noise Tuesdays at 4 with Izzie White. From Gravity Waves to Brexit, and BTS to Beethoven, with a different theme and fresh faces every week, you’ll never hear the same thing twice!