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News Around Fuse #5

22nd April 2018

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Fuse Fm has been quietly ticking on and this will be the last post of the year until our new committee and station manager announce their plans for 2018/19. So, what have we got left in store for you guys?

First up, we have the prospective Station Manager and Committee Information Session that will be held on Monday, 30th April on the newly opened first floor of the SU. This is the perfect opportunity to come ask any questions you might have about how to get more involved with the running of Fuse, and we’d highly recommend it if you want to be Station Manager next year! That afternoon, applications (via a manifesto) will open for the Station Manager position and will shut in a few days time after that.

The day after our information session is the final Fuse Live of the year. We can’t give away too much just yet, but if the previous two have been anything to go by, it’ll sure be a hell of an evening. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page to be the first to know more about it!

The next week, we have our Station Manager Elections on the 8th May, with a time and location still to be confirmed. This is your opportunity as Fuse FM members to grill the candidates on their manifestos, as well as voting on who will be the next Station Manager for the 2018/19 year. The day after (9th May) is the glittering SU awards, held at Academy 1. It’s a huge night for MMG and a brilliant way to have a final send-off for everyone involved in the Group. Expect a few tears, a lot of laughs, and even more memories to be made that evening. We formally finish broadcasting on 11th May for the year.

That rounds-up what we have coming up for the last part of 2017/18. As this is the final News Around Fuse of the year, we’d just like to say thank you. Thank you to our amazing presenters, who continue to astound listeners every week with what can be achieved on Student Radio. Thank you to our tech team, for fixing the studios when necessary, always being the most patient people on earth, and making sure Fuse FM can keep on ticking. Thank you to our behind-the-scenes volunteers for helping produce the shows when necessary, they make everyone’s lives so much easier and they rarely get credit for it. Thank you to our amazing committee, for organising events, running the station, and helping our presenters make Fuse FM the enjoyable experience it is. Lastly, thank you to our listeners. They’re always there for us, and are growing in numbers, making sure we stay on our toes and continue to make amazing radio.

Thank you to everyone. Fuse FM will be back for 2018/19, with a new studio, new leadership, new shows, and new ideas. Stay tuned.