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Podcast Recommendations from the UOM Feminist Collective

Written by the UOM Feminist Collective for Fuse FM //

Members of the UOM Feminist Collective have graciously compiled a list of their favourite feminist podcasts to help us all tackle the lockdown downers. For more information about the society, check out their Instagram @uomfeministcollective. Despite being away from university, the members haven’t stopped their activism and are always uploading amazing educational resources in a time when they are needed the most.

Chair, Amber Barrow: Banging Book Club

Hosted by Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena Norms, this podcast follows the three friends as they read, discuss and laugh about books on anything related to sex or gender. Amidst serious analyses of call-out culture, sexuality and toxic masculinity come discussions over whether Ross and Rachel were meant to be or how to reply to your crush’s text messages. This podcast tackles feminist issues without ever making you feel like you’re thinking too hard – it’s light, entertaining, amusing and it introduces you to books you might not have come across before! The variety of topics discussed is also banging – and many episodes are only 30mins long! A personal recommendation would be S3 E4: Saggy Boobs, Twitter Tea and How To Be Alone with The Slumflower.

photo credit: @bangingbookclub


Deputy Chair, Penny Meek: Adulting

Adulting brings in a new guest speaker each week to offer a refreshing and accessible education about aspects of society generally overlooked, including systemic racism, acne, fat-shaming, displaying gender and monogamy. Guests include MPs, disabled women, comedians, non-binary people, transwomen, sex workers, environmental activists and authors, all of whom offer insight into their own experiences, their opinions and advice about how to be an active ally. My favourite episodes include Sobriety, Sex and Sexuality with Africa Brooke, Common, Fat and Faggy with Scottee and When Will The World Accept Fat Bodies? With Stephanie Yeboah, all of which opened my eyes to issues I had never considered, from the perspective of those it directly affects.

photo credit: @adultingpod


Treasurer, Bronwen Reed: Have you Heard George’s Podcast

“Have you heard George’s podcast” is by George the Poet (aka George Mpanga), a spoken word artist from London. He’s been described as a ‘genre-defying’ podcaster as he free-flows evocatively on political and social observations, whilst seamlessly combining music and poetry. Although it’s not strictly a ‘feminist’ podcast, it runs parallel with a lot of conversations we have about race inequalities in Britain and addresses topics such as the interplay between crime and rap music, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, modern slave trade, contemporary Ugandan politics and the exhausting ordeal of being subject to racist policing. The podcast’s numerous awards are a testament to its calibre and creative pioneering.


Social Secretary, Isabel Duffield: Fast Fashion Slow Down

Fast Fashion Slow Down is a BBC4 radio podcast, from the series Costing the Earth, about the effects of Fast Fashion on our planet. Whilst many might not know how what’s in your wardrobe can effect the planet, this podcast unpacks how fast fashion is damaging the earth and why it needs to slow down.


Social Secretary, Maria Vivancosa: The Nasty Podcast

She who persisted. The Nasty Podcast. This podcast collection by Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers and Beatrice Frasl is definitely one of my favourite feminist podcasts. What I love about it, is that it covers current affairs in a very light weighted discussion form. The authors’ natural conversation, in line with their sarcastic tone and up-to-date information, makes listening to the podcast fun and informative. As a personal recommendation, go listen to Episode 26: Sex-positive feminism!!


LGBTQ+ Rep Tallulah Guard: Doing It! With Hannah Witton

Doing It! With Hannah Witton is an incredible feminist podcast, all about sex, relationships, dating and bodies. Each week, Hannah talks to a guest about anything from vulva positivity and anti-FGM activism, to inclusive sex ed. and dating with a disability, managing to strike the perfect balance between serious and light-hearted. An episode I especially loved was called Consent Culture and Intentional Relationships. Hannah speaks to Dr Meg-John Barker about how to foster consent in all aspects of our lives, how to broaden our definitions of sex and how to find meaning in different kinds of love (beyond the coveted romantic love).


Disability Rep, Kiya Hornby: Detective Trapp

Detective Trapp is a non-fiction, five-part podcast about an Anaheim homicide detective called Julissa Trapp. The podcast focuses on one case: the murder of five sex workers. I highly recommend this podcast as Trapp is an incredible detective who is very empathetic and cares deeply about these victims. She is the only female detective in the homicide department and is the child of Mexican immigrants. It is also commendable the about of time she put into this case as cases involving sex workers usually do not get the attention they deserve.


General Member, Isabella Lock: Today in Focus

Today in Focus looks in more detail at the top headlines of the day through personal stories and interviews. As a journalist and blog-writer, it is important that I keep on top of the news. Today in Focus offers another way of understanding the news that is both engaging and informative. 

General Member, Tess Phillips: About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

About Race is an amazingly educational podcast mostly on the recent history of racism in the UK. It’s edited amazingly and is really enjoyable to listen to, with Reni giving intermittent add-ins to give a larger explanation on the topic.