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Students in Manchester halls face curfew after “significant” Covid breaches

//Breaking: Students in Manchester halls face curfew after “significant” Covid breaches More

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Elementary themes each show around a particular chemical element.  Presenters Fergus, Carys and Joe explain the science behind the element, play related tracks and discuss topical issues, covering everything from climate change to medicine to nuclear weapons! Think science and fun repel like particles with the same electric charge? Think again! https://www.mixcloud.com/ElementaryFuse/ 

Two of Us

We are proud to present our opinionated, music-talk show for its second semester! Expect to hear often divisive views on pop music from the 1960s to the present day. Also, apply to have a go at our weekly music quiz segment, ‘Masters of Pop’. Can you be crowned champion?!  

Flat Eric FM

Once a week we will be leaving the confines of our Fallowfield attic rooms to bring you an hour of curios and inanity. We live together, laugh together and hate together. So get on your soap boxes and join us!   Be there or be flat.  

Radio Science

For updates on the latest developments in science and how they affect you, tune in to Radio Science on Mondays at 7pm on Fuse FM. With a focus on how modern research is set to change society and how current events can be viewed through a scientific lens, Radio Science is the simplest way to […]

Bringing you the elite beats and retro flows, HipHopThriftShop plays only the best old skool hits, bits and skits. Providing rhymes like dimes every Monday 1 ‘til 2, join the queue as we run through the birds, bees and the emcees of the 90s. Brought to you by Grandmaster Fred, Jaekwon the Chef and The […]

ABC politics

ABC Politics is a chat show that focuses on different pressing political topics each week, starting from A and making our way through the alphabet. Join us as we take an alternative view to most mainstream media outlets, to discuss current affairs with different guests every week!  

50 Shades of Beige

Join Rosie, Louis and Rory every Sunday at 5pm for your weekly dose of bold musical claims, chats and, introducing this term, Ro Park the agony aunt. The whole show comes together in one giant, beautiful mess to feel like a hundred tiny lizards are kissing your eardrums, we’d be very happy if you’d join […]


Beatheads radio show by the people, for the people. We are two Lithuanians, Aidar and Emilija, with a passion for music. We will be discussing the music of different cultures, genres and times. Focusing on up-and-rising artists as well as renowned and unknown names from around the globe. Exploring new types and forms of music […]

Good Taste

Good Taste is a round-up of all things music, talk and pop culture, presented by Sociology student Jardel. Focusing on popular music and current issues within society, you can expect to hear the likes of R&B and soul, as well as the ‘Music from Manchester’ segment, which will put you onto some of the city’s hidden gems.