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When Fuse Met /// Tom Grennan

Ever wondered what makes Tom Grennan tick? Wonder no more! Ellis Harbord sat down with the Bedford-born singer songwriter to find out more…


Fuse: How’s the tour going? Is the first time with a band?

Tom: Yeah it’s going pretty well man, no I’ve done it with a band before.


Fuse: last time you were here you played at sound control, which has been knocked down recently. How does it feel to be playing at a bigger venue, is it a big step up?

Tom: yeah there’s obviously more people, more energy. I suppose it is more of a jump, but it’s good man.


Fuse: when I first heard your music, I thought your voice sounded quite unique. There are quite a lot of voices coming from England that have an americanised twag, but would you say your voice is a defining part of your music?

Tom: thank you very much, yeah that’s something I’ve always tried to keep in my music, that britishness, I’m from England, not America do you know what I mean. I keep it real to where I’m from.


Fuse: I want to talk about your track ‘Something in the water’, is that one of your earlier songs you wrote?

Tom: yeah that’s one of the first ever songs I wrote, yeah man. I wrote it in my bedroom, and it’s had a bit of an impact since.


Fuse: in the first verse you speak about: your mum, about how time goes fast, putting worries aside, not living with regrets, actions speaking louder than words. There’s a lot of wisdom hitting you straight I’m the first verse, it’s quite impressive. Would you say that’s a wisdom you’ve grown up with or gained recently?

Tom: thanks, yeah probably just growing up with it. I talk about my mum, and I just listened to her words. She’s a genius so whatever my mum says is always going to be right to me.


Fuse: I read somewhere that you started learning guitar while you went to uni is that true?

Tom: yeah I didn’t play guitar before I went to uni, when I started I kinda hibernated in my room for a while – for whole year really and just taught myself how to play guitar. I tried to write some songs and then just went round looking for gigs in London and then thankfully someone liked it. In Finsbury Park pub, yeah and then I got signed and here we are today.


Fuse: The fact you were just playing in your room and then had the determination to go out and play is impressive.

Tom: yeah I think it’s just getting the courage to believe in what you’re writing and to believe in the songs you’re trying to get out there in the world, trying to connect people and having the balls to do it. If you can do it everyone can do it, it’s just whether you have the courage to do it or not.


Fuse: Would you say that courage has continued, do you still have that same attitude and determination?

Tom: Yeah definitely, I got the determination. You can do whatever you put your mind to. If you keep working away and grinding hard then you can do it.


Fuse: what would your advice be to the guitar player who sings ‘in their room out of tune with no one around them?

Tom: Keep doing it, believe in what you’re doing. If you like it, then other people will like it as well. Unless you are really shit, then pack it in.