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Breakfast with Ciara E


About the show:

Dreary morning in lockdown?? NO MORE! Welcome to Breakfast with Ciara E. This show is the morning pick up ya need. Uplifting and energetic getting people excited about their mornings! This show would have a range of different talking segments, like pop culture updates and ‘topics of the week’. The chat keeps ya  company and entertain you as you get ready for your day. A wide range of music will be played from the Charts to Hip-hop/R&B and new Artists in Ireland, UK and the USA!!(eeek). Some short interviews will be conducted with new artists discussing their music – some interviews are planned so stay tunnedd. Come and have breakfast with me and listen to a Scottish gal chat through your air waves bby!! Catch me on Instagram @ciara_ewingx

Tags: breakfast show, charts, Hip Hop, R & B