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About the show:

Hiya Loves! We are Eleanor and Cassie two second year housemates who have simply “Had it Up to Here”.Have you ever felt like, despite being an “adult”, living away from your parents, going to one of the best universities in the country, you still just don’t seem to have a clue about what is going on? Yes? Because same! After 2 years of living together, babbling on about random topics and anecdotes from our childhood, we have decided its time to gift all of you with the little knowledge we have, however limited it may be, while (hopefully) making you cry laugh along with us on a weekly basis. Join us every Friday morning from 9 to 10 as we discuss anything and everything we can, and get your weekend started off right! Listen as we attempt to make sense of the world around us and ultimately fail as, what is the meaning of this crazy and frustrating thing called life, right? From Tik Tok to “Boris Johnson actually” all the way down to Katie Hopkins and her best mate Tyler, we have got you covered. So come on, tune in while you are having your morning dominoes from the night before, while listening to the music that helps us get through it all.

Tags: Comedy, Current Affairs, talk

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