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International Waters


About the show:

Join Head of MMG Anja Samy and Joss Bennet every Tuesday 7-8pm for International Waters – taking you on a musical voyage around the world. 


Each show covers a different genre or theme – unravelling the mysteries of unique sounds, digging for uncut gems or playing the most recent bangers this show does weird, wonderful and everything in between.


Ranging across the whole spectrum of music, from German techno to Saharan folk, International Waters wants to provide tunes for every occasion from ambient relaxation to chuggers that’ll get you having a little boogie. 


Looking into the inspirations and background of each piece Anja and Joss are eager to expand their musical knowledge as well as draw attention to the social and cultural contexts that each song has emerged from. 


If you miss a live show, head to MixCloud for a full playlist and to listen back to past weeks. 


MixCloud https://m.mixcloud.com/anja-kathryn/international-waters-w2-ultimate-afters-playlist/


Also follow International Waters on Insta: @International_WatersFuse

Tags: Eclectic, music

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