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At The End of the Day

“At the End of the Day”: the radio show that’s all about the chaos that uni life throws your way, and the stories and music that we find in the mess of it all. Each week, I’m diving into the dumb stuff we’ve all done, the ones that don’t feature in the catch ups with mum and dad.. and reliving it live on air, because it led me to find new music to share with you. So whether you’re facing the aftermath of too many drinks at courtyard as you clean up last night’s vom, failing to ghost your flatcest bae (that you told your friends you’d never speak to again), or unsuccessfully aiming to defeat the academic failure allegations. I’ve been there… and I’ve got a playlist for it. Cultivated to match the madness of your 20s, and celebrate the stupid mistakes that make life worth living. Tune in as we soundtrack those moments when, at the end of the day… It was totally worth it.