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DJ Dames

DJ Dames will take you on your weekly tour of his musical menagerie. A young man raised by two raver parents, his passion for dance music is infectious and his tunes undeniably groovy.

The New Music Show

The New Music Show with Adam Harvey showcases the best new music you need to know about, and introduces you to your new favourite songs.

Louis Baron’s Show

Hour of alternative-ish music presented by Louis B. Themes each show focusing on certain genres, producers, local bands, or just songs of my current rotation. Enjoy!

Professional Yappers

Our show lies somewhere between discussion, film and music, all rolled into one. Expect our thoughts on the latest movie releases, as well as free-flowing conversations about culture and media.

The Fen & Francis Show

Presenting ‘The Fen & Francis Show’, an original weekly talk show presented by Fen and Francis exclusive to Fuse FM. We’re two drama students, so anything could happen- but if you really want us to spoil the surprise, expect to hear fun chit chat, tiptop tunes and even a game or two. We‘ll bring the […]

Philm Mitchell

Lally and Amber take on a new piece of media each week, using their incomparable intellect to break it down, present fascinating trivia and create an impeccable mix of music suited to the theme of each episode.

Chat With Saff

Find out about the latest things to do, eat and drink in Manny! Hear about top recommendations for date nights, activities and family visits 🙂

That’s That Fuse FM Takeover

North West based events collective That’s That take over to take you on a journey through house, techno, disco, garage and everything between. Tune in to the show for highlights of local talent killing that are killing it in the scene, our favourite tracks from new and old, and special conversations delving into current topics […]