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DJ Dames

DJ Dames will take you on your weekly tour of his musical menagerie. A young man raised by two raver parents, his passion for dance music is infectious and his tunes undeniably groovy.

TSU: On Air

TSU: On Air returns for another season of shows! Tune in as we interview and showcase a plethora of your favourite up & comers and more established names in the underground dance music scene.

The Ungodly Hour

Hi, I’m Kemi and I host ‘The Ungodly Hour’ on Fuse FM. Tune in on Tuesdays 9-10pm for a multi genre, high energy DJ set with diverse and unexpected blends! In past shows we have explored genres such as house classics, Latin fusion and RnB as well as fun themes like female rap and Beyonce’s […]

Sharkey Sounds

Join me, Spike Sharkey (yes it’s my real name), for an hour of music and waffle on Fuse FM every Friday 4-5 pm. Taking to the decks I’ll be covering different styles of music each week, ranging from jazz house to disco to trip-hop – you name it, I’ll try to mix it! Also keep […]

Say Less

Say Less is an underground music collective giving emerging DJs and producers a platform through online radio, events and a growing social media presence across Instagram and TikTok.

In The Midnight Hour

The show will serve as a bizarre, alternative late-night segment which will cater for the interests of those who are into music and entertainment which lies somewhere way beyond the mainstream, in the cultural hinterlands.