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Philm Mitchell

Lally and Amber take on a new piece of media each week, using their incomparable intellect to break it down, present fascinating trivia and create an impeccable mix of music suited to the theme of each episode.

Swimming in the Mainstream

We believe that watching film and tv are some of the best ways you can spend your life. Join us, Naomi and Amara, as we explore soundtracks that we hold close to our hearts, dissect pop culture moments, and invite esteemed guests on to go in depth on our favourite genres.

The Debrief

The Debrief is a weekly deep dive into the latest cinematic releases, some of our old favourites and everything in between. each episode we’ll take on a theme inspired by a new release, offering up many (many) unsolicited opinions on everything from our favourite 90s romcoms, our least favourite depictions of girlhood and why we […]

Tonight, We Fly!

Tonight, We Fly! dives into the past and present of music, art and culture. Bringing you tracks from all over – from classical and early jazz to new wave to pop and indie rock! So, if you were ‘born in the wrong generation’ or just want to come along for the ride, join me to […]


Hosted by a dynamic trio of music enthusiasts – all offering you a different piece of the pie – this show brings you a mix of carefully curated music, engaging interviews, reviews, guest mixes & your go-to guide for the week’s events, all that celebrate the soul of Manchester.

Soundtrack Showcase

Tune in each week to explore a different aspect of soundtrack music. From Film to Video Games, Genre to Composer; follow along as we dive into each track, examining what makes each one special and how it came to be. With killer tracks abound, you can be sure to find your next blockbuster tune.