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The New Music Show

The New Music Show with Adam Harvey showcases the best new music you need to know about, and introduces you to your new favourite songs.

Louis Baron’s Show

Hour of alternative-ish music presented by Louis B. Themes each show focusing on certain genres, producers, local bands, or just songs of my current rotation. Enjoy!

Philm Mitchell

Lally and Amber take on a new piece of media each week, using their incomparable intellect to break it down, present fascinating trivia and create an impeccable mix of music suited to the theme of each episode.

That’s That Fuse FM Takeover

North West based events collective That’s That take over to take you on a journey through house, techno, disco, garage and everything between. Tune in to the show for highlights of local talent killing that are killing it in the scene, our favourite tracks from new and old, and special conversations delving into current topics […]

Radio Heads

We are your highly unqualified music reviewers. Each week we will take a trip to a new music world and give our unwarranted but necessary opinions while sharing our favourites with each other. This is all in the hope of expanding our music minds; so the more obscure the better. Expect guests and games as […]

RnB Heats

Welcome to RnB Heats, your daily dose of urban music. Dive into the world of R&B, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and everything in between as we bring you the freshest tracks, the latest hits, and the timeless classics that define the essence of urban music.

B-Sides with Bel

Fed up with hearing the same ten songs on the radio? Join Bel for an hour of B-sides, underrated music and rising talent. Each show will look at songs which blew up unexpectedly, songs or artists that deserve to blow up and a few cheeky recommendations. This no “gatekeeping” approach to music is what the […]