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Professional Yappers

Our show lies somewhere between discussion, film and music, all rolled into one. Expect our thoughts on the latest movie releases, as well as free-flowing conversations about culture and media.

The Fen & Francis Show

Presenting ‘The Fen & Francis Show’, an original weekly talk show presented by Fen and Francis exclusive to Fuse FM. We’re two drama students, so anything could happen- but if you really want us to spoil the surprise, expect to hear fun chit chat, tiptop tunes and even a game or two. We‘ll bring the […]

Chat With Saff

Find out about the latest things to do, eat and drink in Manny! Hear about top recommendations for date nights, activities and family visits 🙂

Big Sister Advice

Big Sister Advice is essentially just a cup of tea (or rant) with your Big Sister, chatting all about the anxieties of adulting. It’s a chance to sit back, laugh, cry and head advice from your peers who are going through the same feelings as you! Opening conversations is our aim, and hopefully this’ll start […]

The Debrief

The Debrief is a weekly deep dive into the latest cinematic releases, some of our old favourites and everything in between. each episode we’ll take on a theme inspired by a new release, offering up many (many) unsolicited opinions on everything from our favourite 90s romcoms, our least favourite depictions of girlhood and why we […]

Shatat Podcast

This thought-provoking podcast dives into the Palestinian experience’s political, human rights, and cultural components. We hope to develop understanding, empathy, and solidarity via captivating interviews and strong narrative. Join us as we examine the Palestinian diaspora’s stories, viewpoints, and hopes, and engage in meaningful debates regarding the Palestinian struggle. Shatat Podcast is your window into […]

Verdicts and Voice

We hear thousands of stories but how can we make sense of it all. Verdicts and Voices discusses some of the current major headlines, how we, as young individuals feel about where we are heading and how we get there. Our mission is to provide a student perspective of the ever changing world around us. […]

Set Break Stories

Set Break Stories celebrates what it means to be a music fan. Each week, we explore the pulse of concert and industry news, keep you updated on Manchester’s live music scene, spotlight touring artists, and indulge in the delightful world of fangirl fun. From cover showdowns to candid concert confessions, this show is designed to […]