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Tune Tardis

The Tune Tardis takes you back in time through a different guest’s life in music each week! ‘What song reminds you of your first crush?’, ‘What was the first CD you owned?’, ‘What tune reminds you of home?’ – each week I’ll be having a natter and a laugh with a different guest and listening […]

Kick Off With Rasmit

Hey everyone. I am Rasmit Singh and I love football. I support Manchester United but that doesn’t mean I’m only going to talk about them. I’ll talk about the premier league, la liga, serie a, bundesliga, Ligue 1, champions league and more related to the beautiful game. Music really depends on my mood that day. […]


Hey, I’m your cool radio host Niamh and I love talking about random things and relating them to music. Tune into my show, NMuseFM, where I play music that I feel falls under the theme of my choosing. From songs that remind me of rain or characters to just general mixes of well-loved songs, you’ll […]

Selected Ambient Works

Join Issy for another year of the award-winning Selected Ambient Works, bringing you an hour of downtempo easy listening to ease those midweek blues. Immerse yourself in sonic bliss with electronica from the likes of Bjork and Aphex Twin, and experience the sounds of Shibuya, Tokyo, in the 1990s. Let the music transport you – […]

Girl Got Receipts

Join Alexandra (Lexie) as she delves into all different kinds of grocery gossip. Every week, a different guest joins me to dissect and analyse our shopping receipts. From Didsbury Aldi to fan favourite Fallowfield Sainsbury’s, I want to get to understand the four W’s which lie behind your food shop. Tangents and waffle are mandatory. […]