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Robin Presents: The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a chillout evening show celebrating the joy of spontaneity and finding peace amongst the chaos through a wide genre of relaxing music and niche-researched topics jumbled together into 1hr episodes.

The show airs live on Fuse FM every Sunday at 6 pm, so come on down and take a stroll through the botanical garden with me (Robin, hi) – who knows what you’ll find đź‘’

Show Recordings

rainy day jazz cafe

having a kindle but hating amazon

face yoga and why you should always salute magpies

extinct digital art styles of the early 2000s and the birth of maximalism

jaffa cakes and forgotten artists of the occult

how to beat a lie detector and host a funeral for crayons

journalling for sanity and sexy bouquets

brunch culture and big light slander

the puzzling world of jigsaws and the most powerful haircut of all time

extreme dishwasher loading and how alton towers’ new ride has ruined the park.