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Radio Heads

We are your highly unqualified music reviewers. Each week we will take a trip to a new music world and give our unwarranted but necessary opinions while sharing our favourites with each other. This is all in the hope of expanding our music minds; so the more obscure the better. Expect guests and games as […]

RnB Heats

Welcome to RnB Heats, your daily dose of urban music. Dive into the world of R&B, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and everything in between as we bring you the freshest tracks, the latest hits, and the timeless classics that define the essence of urban music.

B-Sides with Bel

Fed up with hearing the same ten songs on the radio? Join Bel for an hour of B-sides, underrated music and rising talent. Each show will look at songs which blew up unexpectedly, songs or artists that deserve to blow up and a few cheeky recommendations. This no “gatekeeping” approach to music is what the […]

Zooming About Manchester Music

Writing music is easier than ever in this modern age but recording it is still too expensive for many up and coming artists. This show focuses on recognising and giving voice to these musicians by using live recordings of their shows across Manchester. Tune in for a celebration of live music and independent music making.

Big Sister Advice

Big Sister Advice is essentially just a cup of tea (or rant) with your Big Sister, chatting all about the anxieties of adulting. It’s a chance to sit back, laugh, cry and head advice from your peers who are going through the same feelings as you! Opening conversations is our aim, and hopefully this’ll start […]

Swimming in the Mainstream

We believe that watching film and tv are some of the best ways you can spend your life. Join us, Naomi and Amara, as we explore soundtracks that we hold close to our hearts, dissect pop culture moments, and invite esteemed guests on to go in depth on our favourite genres.

The Debrief

The Debrief is a weekly deep dive into the latest cinematic releases, some of our old favourites and everything in between. each episode we’ll take on a theme inspired by a new release, offering up many (many) unsolicited opinions on everything from our favourite 90s romcoms, our least favourite depictions of girlhood and why we […]


Uncharted plays student bands and local artists as well as promoting newly released music from further a field with a working cap of 99,999 monthly listeners (so niche and underground ;). In the show we will have a catching up segment followed by each picking a song and chatting about our experiences with the bands […]